To help me define the allies for The Ascalon Horror, I reviewed and revised the powers for all of Arkham Horror’s investigators. Much as I did for the Personal Story summaries, I rewrote these to be more concise and consistent in presentation, though I’ll admit spent a lot less time on the power summaries.

They investigators are organized roughly in order of appearance by expansion. I tried to fit as many per page as possible, so they might seem a little cramped.

Investigator Power Summary

There’s at least one significant power “nerf,” for Mark Harrigan, the Soldier. I’ve played him more than any other investigator, and my revision of his “One Man Army” power is based on my experiences. I’ll tell you the reason why I played him the most — I hated being delayed. More than being Cursed, or Lost in Time and Space.

With some liberal application of rules clarifications, it’s possible to seriously abuse Mark Harrigan’s power to explore certain Other World locations in a single turn. “Stay here next turn” is (based on which errata you read) intended to be interpreted the same as being delayed. Of course, Mark Harrigan is never delayed.

It’s a relatively minor nerf, no matter how you slice it. Mostly, it just means that when a gate opens right on top of him, or when an Other World encounter says “stay here next turn,” he’s effected the same as any other investigator. His power works only in the “real world.” He isn’t as good at speedy exploration as he was before.

I also rewrote Trish Scarborough’s “Abnormal Focus” and “Break the Limit” powers from the ground-up. Rather than talking about “shifts,” whenever she refocuses, her sliders are first reset to the leftmost position, and then she refocuses as normal with a handy +4 bonus. When I re-rewrite her Personal Story, I can make it more concise.

What did I learn from this exercise? Well, the original sixteen investigators have some pretty boring powers, and the sixteen investigators introduced in the Innsmouth Horror expansion have powers that are freaking complicated. Not more powerful exactly, just more complicated. From here, I’m going to review allies, and then… items.


edit: Oh, forgot to mention. I also revised Zoey Samaras (the Chef) so her investigator power can’t be argued to ignore Physical and Magical Immunity. If you’re a munchkin (you know who you are) you might try to argue that once she changes Immunity to Resistance, you get to ignore that, too. Just know that I’m watching you.