Good grief. Following my post about incorporating the elements from Cities and Knights, I went on to read the rulebooks for the Seafarers and Traders and Barbarians expansions. There were a whole lot of new concepts to digest, but both expansions bring tons of new stuff to the game. I already have some ideas!

I mentioned before that I think the inevitable wave of doom represented by the barbarian invasion in Cities and Knights would be better served by Arkham Horror’s Doom Track, and this was reinforced by my reading of the “slow invasion” variant in Traders and Barbarians. It’s a fantastic analogue to Arkham’s monster system.

To better serve the idea that external forces are threatening the region, I thought it would be best to have all gates and monsters appear along the outer edges of the map. To better serve the affiliations system, Gate Markers will represent sprawling dungeon crawls, with minor quests being handed out on at the Personal scope.

Clue Tokens, I think, are the resource needed to trigger a big dungeon crawl. First, characters have to track down the location (by finding a map, the answer to a riddle, etc.) of a big dungeon, and the method of how to enter it safely, represented by the Clue Token. I’m not sure yet how to determine alternate methods of entry.

Back in July, I wrote about replacing the normal method of creature movement in Arkham Horror with a system that would double as a new method for advancing the Doom Track. For starters, simply opening new gates doesn’t add to the Doom Counter, but the invasion still begins if there are too many open gates, as normal.

Using only twenty-four monsters from Arkham Horror , you can trigger the next invasion of the region by running out of creatures in your “creature cup.” This is achieved either by neglecting to fight the invaders, or by hoarding your trophies collected when you defeat them.

Further, we’re assuming the creatures are working together, and any time three or more share a space on the board, they’ve “conquered” that space. Nothing can be built on the border of a conquered space and its affiliation is unavailable (“in hiding”) until the space is reclaimed by players. Spaces remain conquered after an invasion.

Too many open gates trigger an invasion as they would normally in Arkham Horror (eight for 1-2 players, seven for 3-4, and so on), as does running out of creatures in the “creature cup.” Gates are removed through dungeon-crawling, and creatures are removed by either defeating them in combat or finding another method.

Similarly, running out of Gate Markers (difficult, but doable) to represent dungeons will trigger an invasion. At some point, I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to actually add Doom Counters to the Doom Track, but for the time being, I think the methods available are sufficient. It’ll take some testing to see if they keep the players busy.

When the invasion comes, cities are reduced to settlements, whether they’re walled or not, unless they’ve been advanced to the level of metropolis (per Cities and Knights). The only role the player characters currently have in repelling an invasion is chasing off the scouts and driving back advance parties. Delaying the inevitable, as it were.

Edit: Following the invasion, all Gate Markers, Clue Tokens, Creatures, and Trophies are discarded, whether from the board, or the players’ inventories, and the region settles into a calm period until the next invasion.