I did not make the fifty thousand word mark by the end of November. And I thought I was going to throw away the progress I made on my novel, but I’m not going to. It’s December, but so what? This morning, I added another couple hundred words to the end of the last chapter I’d been working on — that means I’ve completed Chapter 12 now. I’m less than a thousand words shy of thirty-thousand.

I’m not going to stop at fifty thousand, either. Starting this evening, I’m heading over to the library after I get off from work, and I’m going to start work on Chapter 13. I’m going to finish this novel before Christmas (we’re talking rough drafts, not final manuscripts, mind you). I’m going to leave the NaNoWriMo widget there as a reminder until I finish, and I’m going to finish, probably right around the ninety-thousand-word mark.

I’ve had some setbacks, and it’s true — my webcomic has been on a long hiatus, and I still haven’t finished “To Catch A Goat.” But that’s okay. I’m still updating here, and I’m still alive. Norvendae is still alive. (And for some reason I feel I should be singing about Aperture Science.) There are other projects waiting for me to finish this book. This book is it, the hurdle I want to clear. Maybe the others were hurdles too, but this is it.

This is going to be the hurdle. A project abandoned, not once, but twice, … which I will pick up, dust off, and finish. I have a history of throwing projects in the waste bin, or hanging on to them long after they’ve gone over to the Dark Side, but this one will be a rebirth, a resurrection. I told myself it was done and let it go, and now I’m going to bring it back. And I’m going to finish it. Create Expectations indeed.