It’s been a while, but I did some work on the hunter classes for the continuation of Character Classification. Where I left off was talking about “harry” as a class power, and I made significant progress today on differentiating the hunter classes for each of the Seven States and their respective powers and flavors.

Once I finish the hunters, there will only be the scouts left of the Cups suit (keyed to the Perception skill), another defense-based class. I’ll write up another summary of the classes so-far, with the focus on the Cups classes, of course, and I might do some revision work on the earlier classes (though probably not this early in the process).

With that done, I’ll have completed rough sketches of half the classes, those for Wands and Cups, arguably some of the more difficult of the classes to give individual flavor. There are lots of ways to destroy, which should be obvious once I work on the Swords classes, but these classes with a “creative” bent are hard to nail down.

Hopefully, I’ll have also figured out how best to define the marshals before I ever get to them. I mean, in my opinion, the Fourth Edition leaders are all over the place, and the martial classes are kind of … I don’t know, messy. They feel like a lame compromise between awesome physical feats and a really weak suspension of disbelief.

Eh, anyway, look forward to more classes in the near future!