It’s been a while since there’s been an update in the professions of the Seven States. I posted the Mystics entry back in October, and “Hunters With Harry” went up the same day, so we we haven’t had much to go on.

The hunter profession is the second offense-oriented class, following the scribe. The Cups suit brings the Divination and Restoration powers to the table, which the hunters of each State use to locate, pursue, and overwhelm their chosen prey.

Trackers are natural-state hunters, using basic survival techniques to find and follow the trail left by their prey. Using a combination of lures, calls, and trained beasts, they drive their quarry to exhaustion, before finally delivering the killing blow.

Hunters of the primeval state are called plagues. They embody the primal ferocity of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis, driver of the solar chariot, and mistress of animals and the hunt. Their marksmanship with the bow is unparalleled.

Scourges are the hunters of the elemental state, and it is left to them to hunt down and eliminate the enemies of harmony. Their existence reflects the tenuous balance that exists in chaos, as too little opposition causes just as many problems.

Empyreal hunters are nemeses, named for the goddess of divine retribution, Nemesis. They’re also called furies, for their single-mindedness during a hunt, eumenides (“kindly ones”) to appease them, or erinyes (“angry ones”).

Daemons are hunters of the ethereal state. They are at all times accompanied by the spirits of other great hunters while in the pursuit of their prey, even going so far as to cross the boundaries between worlds to follow their targets into the Underworld.

Hunters of the sidereal state are known as lunatics. Drawing their powers from the phases of the moon and the darkness between the stars, these hunters snap at the heels of their target, and torment them with visions of their inevitable failure.

Shadows are hunters of the spectral state They are infamous from studying their prey from afar, engaging in a skirmish or two to test the abilities of their target, and then crushing them with overwhelming power.