Camping along the roadside is easier than camping in the wild for the fact that both Nature and Streetwise are relevant in selecting, securing, and guarding the campsite. Nature provides insight and understanding of the terrain itself, while Streetwise offers local rumors and knowledge of recent bandit movements.

You can probably sense a pattern by now. Skills offered as secondary during the first and third phases are only allowed one check, and they’re more plentiful than secondary skills offered during the second phase (though the skills offered then are allowed at least once more). I’ll post the Town Challenge tomorrow.

Roadside Camp Challenge
Complexity: two (six successes necessary for completion)
Primary Skill(s): Nature OR Streetwise

Failures (all phases)
When you incur a close failure (you miss the target number by less than five) with a primary or secondary skill, you may spend a healing surge to achieve “partial success,” which negates the failure and grants a +2 bonus to the next roll made in the challenge.

Each failure incurred during the Challenge, whether missing the target number by five or more, or not turning a close failure into a partial success, exposes all the characters to Exhaustion.

Individual phases (especially the first one) may have additional effects for successes and failures.

If the party incurs three failures over the course of the Challenge, they are unable to refresh their food and water stores, and must either abandon the camp and try again, or risk exposure to Dehydration and Starvation.

Phase 1 — Selection (min. 1, max. 3 checks)
Each Roadside Camp Challenge requires a minimum of one check made to select a site for the camp, which can be Nature, Streetwise, or any relevant secondary skill.

Secondary Skills
History (one) — Recall lore regarding the construction of the road, and its ancient trails, know its hidden paths, dangers, and secrets.

Perception (one) — Determine lookout points for keeping watch after nightfall, locate unnatural hazards to exploit or avoid.

Religion (one) — Locate way-shrines to deities of travelers, invoke rites of travel and the sacred laws of the road.

Each success gained during the Selection phase grants your party a cumulative +2 bonus to all rolls made during the third phase.

When you incur a failure during Selection and either choose not to turn it into a partial success, or otherwise cannot, your party suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all rolls made during the second phase.

Phase 2 — Secure (min. 1, max. 10 checks)
Each failure incurred during phase 1 of the Challenge imposes a cumulative -1 penalty to all rolls made when securing the campsite.

Secondary Skill(s)
Stealth (two) — Obscure tracks leading into and out of camp, provide cover for tents, bedrolls, and other equipment.

Phase 3 — Maintenance (max. 3 checks)
Each success gained during phase 1 of the Challenge grants a cumulative +2 bonus to all rolls made during the Maintenance phase.

Secondary Skills
Endurance (one) — Resist the effects of fatigue to remain awake on watch, ignore hunger, thirst, or minor illness to keep camp secure.

Heal (one) — Provide continual aid to allies suffering from the effects of hunger, thirst, fatigue, or minor illnesses while camping.