Don’t confuse these with the Tasks and Missions that appear in The Dunwich Horror expansion of Arkham Horror, because while they may bear a certain superficial resemblance, the tasks and missions I’m going to present to you are going to be somewhat easier. I was thinking to myself that killing monsters is dangerous, and not always fun. Should it be possible to advance without killing things?

Then it occurred to me that quests shouldn’t just be handed to the first character who happens by, whether they’re an adventurer or not. Who would trust a random person who just wandered into town with something so important as to be called a “quest?” No, it doesn’t make sense. But it also doesn’t make sense that there wouldn’t be something for a wanderer to do for some “easy experience.”

By “easy,” in this case, we’re going to say, “of moderate difficulty.” Now, you can certainly accomplish all kinds of things if you put your character’s mind to it, but then I realized that there should be something that any adventurer should be able to do, and that’s putting their basic skills to work. We already have all the basic rules in place.

Spend one point of stamina (alternatively called a “weekly action”), to initiate a Challenge equal to your level, up to a maximum of the level of the community you’re currently in, with a complexity of one. In other words, make four successful checks before you accumulate three failures. Assuming you succeed, you gain experience appropriate for an encounter of that level. You have a basic farming technique.

Using tasks this way should enable you to gain about one level per week, assuming you pass your tests, up until the point where you hit the community’s level cap, and you have to start actually participating in stuff to advance any further. To keep up character wealth, you should probably earn the “minimum wage” for monster-killing. Scoring three failures means you lose your time investment and earn nothing.

Oh, and this kind of stuff is boring. Unless you put some real thought into it, you’re rolling dice for almost no reason. Sure, if choose a skill you’re good at, you’ll probably never fail a Challenge, but then you aren’t much of an adventurer then, are you? What … are you, exactly, if not an adventurer in a game like this? (I don’t really know.) But this can be your starting place for greater things.