So, to kind of wrap things up with conditions for the time being, I’m going to write this entry, and then leave them alone for a while. First of all, there are six major conditions to concern the typical adventurer. Each has four stages, and nearly all of them (most of them, anyway) trigger with an Extended Rest.

First, the big ones. Exposure to Exhaustion occurs with each failure during an Expedition Challenge. Expedition Challenges require the characters to make Survival checks to set up camp, replenish their food and water supplies, keep adequate watch of their stuff, and not get stabbed in the middle of the night. Also: find work.

Exposure to Isolation occurs each time the character takes an Extended Rest outside of town, no matter how many people they’re hanging out with in their adventuring party. Exposure to Ostracism occurs each time the character takes an Extended Rest inside a settlement, so there’s basically no winning. Both are Charisma-based.

(Eventually, factions will help to overcome Ostracism. Eventually.)

The other big one is Contagion, which a character is exposed to whenever they rest outside of town. Bear in mind, this triggers with every rest, Short or Extended. That means you’re dinged for Isolation and Contagion at the same time — one Charisma-based, and one Constitution-based. Feel like rolling over and dying yet?

The last two are what you make the Expedition Challenges for to begin with, and are part of what got this whole thing started — Dehydration and Starvation. Your character is exposed to Starvation each time they complete an Extended Rest without food, and Dehydration every time they complete a Short Rest without water.

Each time a character is exposed to one of these six conditions, they make the appropriate ability check against an average difficulty. Generally, that’s Constitution against Contagion, Exhaustion, Dehydration, or Starvation, and Charisma against Isolation and Ostracism. Normally, you don’t have any stage of a condition.

The first time you fail a check against a condition, it goes to Stage Zero. Nothing bad happens there, unless you have some kind of special badness associated with that condition’s zeroth stage. Each time you fail a successive check, the condition worsens by one stage. Each stage after the zeroth costs you one daily healing surge.

If you’re starving, diseased, exhausted, and dehydrated, it’s possible to rack up a twelve-surge penalty. If you throw in Isolation and Ostracism, it’s possible to be down up to eighteen healing surges per day. Of course, no matter how many surges you’re penalized, you can never have less than one healing surge per day.

Life sucks for you, but you still have your health. Hypothetically speaking.

Make sure you reestablish your camp from time to time, and that you spend any significant downtime in whatever your campaign has established as a “hospice.” I’ve left it ambiguous at this point because I haven’t decided for myself what counts. It can take a couple weeks to fully recover from an extended foray into the wild.

Remember, losing is fun!