This morning, I realized I had everything I needed in order to determine the “primary class abilities” of every character-class-and-state combination available to players. It began with the realization that I could assign abilities to terrain types (which became this morning’s post) using the states and the skills themselves.

First, I figured on assigning one ability to each of the Seven States, except for the Natural State. There are six ability scores and Seven States — for the Natural State, the skill each class is based around determines which ability is the most important. From there, I made a list of all the unique ability score pairings (fifteen total).

Using the new list, I assigned the ability score pairs to the five position I created, I made sure each ability score was equally represented, and that no specific pairing appeared more than once. The assignments were based primarily on the position’s weapons of choice and their favored defensive tactics.

When a player chooses a profession, a position, and a state for their character, their primary abilities are derived first from their profession’s skill (or their chosen state), and then the offensive, defensive, or supportive leaning of their class determines which ability pair is used from their position. Now it sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

I figure what I’ll ultimately wind up doing is creating “character classes” that bundle a magical state, profession, and position. You could think of them as character “kits,” I suppose. If you want to make your own class, you’re more than welcome to, but the kits are there to help speed things along and get you playing sooner.