So, here’s a link to a PDF I uploaded to the site. Do you want to know what it is? I’ve gone and re-figured the stats from page 42 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide (with some assistance from Sly Flourish’s own DM Cheat Sheet) and created a snazzy table that lists the to-hit numbers for attack, defense, and damage, not to mention the experience rewards for defeating monsters of those levels.

Static Creatures L.1-30

You’ll note that some damage includes “point five,” which gives you the option of rounding up or down, depending on how sadistic you feel. Because PC attack values are kind of all over the place, I combined all the monster defenses into one. If, as a DM, you decide the monster needs to have a higher X defense, go for it! Because the game won’t break itself breaking the game is your prerogative!

For elite monsters, double the hit points, have it “attack” (ask the players to roll defense) twice, and double the experience points. For solo monsters, have it attack once per player, give it standard hit points times the number of players, and award experience as though it were equal to a number of separate monsters equal to … probably already guessed it … the number of players. (Usually five, by and by.)

To calculate your character’s “defense” stats, all you have to do is subtract ten from their static defense. That means if you have a fifteen Reflex, what you’ll do instead is roll “1d20 + 5.” If you have an Armor Class of twenty, you get “1d20 + 10.” You roll against the creature’s attack, and if you meet or beat the number, it “misses” you, dealing “miss” damage. If you roll under that value, it “hits” you.

In the event that you roll a “natural 1,” the creature scores a critical hit, and deals “crit” damage. If you happen to roll a “natural 20” on defense, it deals no damage at all … aren’t you just so proud? Most powers and effects that impose penalties to attacks now simply lower a creature’s static attack value. Bonuses to defense work normally for monsters (since they’ve always been static), and are added to the roll for players.

I’ve done the work, now go play!