I started playing around the time when Magic: the Gathering was in its Fourth Edition, which seems appropriate considering I want to convert some of their creatures into Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. To kind of commemorate the edition of the game I started playing, I thought it’d be cool to kick this off by converting some classic Fourth Edition Magic: the Gathering creatures.

Bird Maiden – 1st-level skirmisher (100 exp)
init 15 – def 15 – hit points 30 / bloodied 15
speed 6 – fly 8
attack 15 – damage 9 / miss 7 / critical 11

Bird Maiden is a 1/2 Red human bird creature with Flying. Here you can see I’ve subtracted one from a 1st-level creature’s static Attack value, ’cause the Bird Maiden isn’t as effective a fighter. I’ll bet flying gives her some great mobility though. I gave her a fly speed of eight because, “why not?”

Since she costs one Red Mana and two Colorless Mana to summon, I figure you need to harvest the Mana with a couple of Skill Challenges (in a manner to be determined at a later date), and transfer it to a group that can perform the summoning. Once the ritual has been performed, you have yourself a new roommate.

Grizzly Bears – 3rd-level brute (150 exp)
init 16 – def 17 – hit points 62 / bloodied 31
speed 6
attack 18 – damage 13 / miss 11 / critical 15

Grizzly Bears is a 2/2 Green bear creature with no special abilities. Since they don’t have any special abilities, I figured I’d call them a “brute” and give them the hit points and damage values of a creature two levels higher. Their attack and defense are the same, they’re just harder to kill and deal more damage.

To be completely honest, I made this decision on a whim, and it has absolutely no playtesting to even suggest that it’s a good idea. Your typical Fourth Edition character is supposed to be able to handle a creature at least one level higher. It makes sense to give brutes damage two levels higher.

Plague Rats – 5th-level solo skirmisher (swarm) (1,000 exp)
init 23, 18, 13 – def 21 – hit points 310 / bloodied 155
Resist half damage from melee and ranged attacks
Vulnerable 5 – close and area attacks
speed 6
attack 22 – damage 13 / miss 11 / critical 15

Solo creature – attacks twice on each initiative

Plague Rats is a */* Black rat creature, whose Power and Toughness are equal to the number of Plague Rats in play. Rather than coming up with an aura or some counting mechanic, I simply assumed that there were already four in play, made them into a swarm, and upgraded it to a solo creature for kicks.

In addition to being a 4/4 creature using the above assumptions (granting it a flat +2 bonus to both its attack and defense), it has three initiative counts, and it attacks twice on all three. This is to offset its lack of special powers and action point. Oh, and being a swarm halves the damage it takes from melee and ranged attacks.

Tundra Wolves – 4th-level skirmisher (100 exp)
init 20, 16 – def 17 – hit points 54 / bloodied 27
speed 6
attack 18 – damage 10 / miss 8 / critical 12

First Strike – attacks once on each initiative

Tundra Wolves is a 1/1 White wolf creature with First Strike. I figured that giving a creature First Strike gave it two chances to attack, giving it an initiative slightly before and slightly after when a normal creature would attack. Consequently, it uses the damage values of a creature two levels lower.