Some things I change because they’re broken, some because they’re boring, and some because they don’t make sense. I also change some things because I want to, or because my intuition tells me it’s a good idea. While working on the encounters for the cult locations, something occurred to me.

If you’re familiar with the Black Goat of the Woods expansion for Arkham Horror, you know about the Cult of One Thousand. They don’t show up much in play because, as with most of the organizations you can join, the encounters that trigger membership opportunities are pretty hard to find. You’ll waste a lot of time looking.

When it came to writing the encounters for the Woods, I realized that two-thirds of the encounters were taken up by membership opportunities. You could join the Sheldon Gang, or your could join the Cult of One Thousand. It didn’t bother me at first, so I ignored it. Later, as I was checking the encounters for typos, I paused to consider it.

Then, on a hunch, I checked to see how many locations were keyed to the Sheldon Gang. In addition to the Woods, there are a handful of Sheldon Gang encounters spread across Dunwich and Kingsport (one encounter in one location in each), plus one encounter at the Bank of Arkham. I’m going to do something about that.

Now, if you’ve been following my posts about this project, you might remember me mumbling something here and there about making all the locations in a group of neighborhoods call for specific skills. Well, I figured having all of the Cult locations calling for Fight and Will works, but I want to move the Sheldon Gang.

Looking at the locations it seems, in terms of themes and whatnot, the River Docks, the Train Station, and the Bank of Arkham are all kind of lacking. None of the three locations has a Blight, or a strong recurring character. My thought was to have the major Sheldon Gang interactions be in these three locations.

River Docks encounters with the Sheldon Gang will ask for Fight or Lore checks. Any other encounters — occurring at the Bank of Arkham or Train Station — will require Speed or Sneak. It isn’t perfect, but I’m sort of determined to stick with some of the limitations imposed by the board. I think it’ll work out for the most part.

Joey “The Rat” is going to appear at the River Docks and the Train Station, where he will be more or less exclusive. His encounters will also be more … sensible, … but also a bit more dramatic. Since the Sheldon Gang Membership enables a player to have encounters in the street areas, I don’t see the need to add much more than that.

Now, if you’re still only playing with the basic game, that’s fine too. You don’t have the pieces from The Black Goat of the Woods or The Dunwich Horror? That means things just get bad for you. If you’re playing with either or both expansions, things get worse for you, … basically what was intended for the game. *smiles*