The last of the Cups classes is the Scout, a defense-oriented, Survival-based class. It’s important to note the change that occurred with the Hunter and the Scout. Formerly, the Hunter was intended as the class that used the Survival skill, but they’ve since swapped places with the Scout. I liked Perception as a defensive skill before but I changed my mind, as I do from time to time. *snerk*

The Scout is a defensive class, like the Smith, though focusing on the Divination and Restoration powers instead of the Development and Forfeiture powers. Scouts use signals to create defenses and call out reinforcements. They signal to communicate enemy numbers, and to indicate safe places to cross hazardous terrain.

Scouts are often the vanguard and the rearguard, remaining on the periphery to locate and communicate dangers for their allies to avoid. They’re masters of the terrain, well-versed in using their surroundings to maximum advantage, drawing sustenance from places otherwise hostile to them, and providing for their allies.

Where Hunters use Perception to stay a step ahead and just out of sight of their quarry, Scouts use Survival to remain in deep cover for days at a time. Wary prey might spot a Hunter that grows too impatient or ambitious, but the Scout is another state over, long gone and out of sight by the time their presence is detected.

To be completely honest, I might go back the other way on the whole Survival and Perception thing, with Scouts being Perception-based and Hunters being Survival-based. Really, it’s going to take something else that can help define the skills and different and solidify something. Yeah, okay, they’re different skills. But, seriously.