Yesterday evening, I created a three-page document and divided each page into three columns each. In each column, I created a table with seven rows and two columns, and used the first row in each to indicate the Arkham location to which it corresponds. In the first column, I numbered from six to one in descending order. I used the location icons as a guide to fill spaces in each table.

The easiest, at first, were unstable locations. In keeping with the general idea that rolling high is better than rolling low, the encounter numbered six at each location typically has the best possible result. For unstable locations, this is an encounter with a potential ally. The encounters numbered one and two typically open a gate and spawn a monster, or trigger a monster attack, respectively.

Stable locations are a little bit more difficult, since there are more spaces to fill, and not as much “bad stuff” that can happen. I started by filling the “two” position on most of the tables with “n/a” to indicate that “nothing bad happens.” It seemed a good start, probably the worst thing that could happen as a result of an encounter at a stable location … nothing. So far, I’ve only reworked Northside, Easttown, and Downtown.

On one hand, this project is to follow up after my entry, “Waste of Time and Space.” I’m pretty much fed up with the poor design of Arkham encounters (with the core game, anyway), and I want a game that plays the way it claims to, if not one that at least plays the way it thinks it’s supposed to — on the other hand, this is hardly the first time I’ve indicated a desire to rewrite Arkham encounters, or the first time I’ve tried.

The numbers will be different for anyone familiar with how the game currently plays. There will be six encounters per location instead of seven, so the basic probability of a specific encounter occurring will be slightly higher. That includes bad encounters as well, like spawning monsters or opening gates. This also means there will be fewer objects to lug around — less to set up at the start and less to clean up at the end.

My current goal is to have the twenty-seven Arkham location encounters rewritten before my brother arrives on Friday night, so we can give the game a go with the revised encounters at that time. If it doesn’t work out that way, it’ll probably take me a bit longer to finish the encounters because I have other stuff to keep me occupied.