Well, it took me the better part of the year (not working constantly, of course), but I’ve finished my first draft of revised location encounters for Arkham Horror. If you don’t count previous attempts, it only took about three weeks (first mentioned current project Dec. 11th, I think), so there’s a nice turnaround time.

Here’s a friendly PDF.

There are a number of questions that might come out of this like, “Will you rewrite the encounters for the locations on the expansion game boards, or for the Other Worlds? Will you rewrite Mythos cards, create new monsters or investigators, spells, or other game aids? Will you expand these tables to incorporate more encounters?”

Let me answer a couple of these. Originally, I intended to rewrite the encounters because I thought Fantasy Flight Games broke Arkham Horror by adding tons of new location cards. Then I started using the game to help me outline and write my series, “To Catch A Goat,” and I realized how difficult it was to move so many game materials.

I started using the Arkham Horror wiki (a fantastic resource, to be sure) and wanted to devise a random encounter table to draw from, and discovered then how inconsistent the encounters were from location to location, and expansion to expansion. I started revising a few, and it turned into a rewrite project, which you can see I’ve finished.

I’d like to fix some more stuff so I can enjoy my home games, like the Mythos cards and the Other World encounters. Apart from rewrite projects, I don’t plan to do much more, and I’m certainly not going to market or sell anything I’ve written. These encounters are my personal house-rules, created to reduce superfluous game clutter.

You’re welcome to print them out and play with them, change them however you like, and share them with your friends. If you enjoy them, please credit me on your blog or website. I would appreciate it if you didn’t try to claim them as your own work, but I don’t know that I can really do much about it. I certainly won’t come after you.

Some day, I’d like to do a rewrite of all the Other World encounters. I think they’re pretty boring for how random and unpredictable they are. I’d like a bit more thematic unity, but there are a lot of Other World encounter cards and I don’t want to sift through them. I also want to design an expansion board. I have some cool ideas.

For now, I’m going back to my other writing projects. “To Catch A Goat” is first on my list, now that I’ve finished with the encounters. You can look forward to its conclusion in the coming weeks! I’m excited to be coming back to it, then hopefully, the webcomic!