I’ve had to go back and revise most of the encounter tables to some extent, either to add a few new encounters to the mix, to revise skill checks, or because I forgot to include something. I saved everything I wrote, but the cut encounters outgrew the little section I was keeping them in, so I’ma move ’em.

So, I’m going to share them here. You can see some of the encounters that were clearly influenced by existing Arkham location encounters. Where I could, I actually tried to cut those first, saving my original encounters so that anyone who’s already familiar with the hum-drum of the existing ones can get a little thrill from new ones.

Curiositie Shoppe:
A pulsing void gapes behind the bookshelf, sending out waves of heat. Pass a Speed (-1) check to dive behind cover, or a tendril wraps around you and you lose 1 item of your choice escaping.

River Docks:
You see Joey “The Rat” crouching under the roof of one of the warehouses. “I’m in over my head this time. I’ll give you $5 to take this thing off my hands.” If you accept, gain $5 and 1 Common item, and take a Curse card.

General Store:
You try talking to the a few of the elderly folks who’ve gathered around the store to play checkers, but you don’t get much more than stares and a few befuddled grunts for your trouble. No encounter.

Inner Sanctum:
During a ceremony to banish dark spirits from Arkham, a startled youth intrudes and throws the Order into disarray. The ritual tears open the fabric of reality and sucks several members of the Order into another dimension. A gate opens and a monster appears!

Administration Building:
Sitting in the student building, you listen to the buzz of people around you and realize it’s like another world here. No encounter.

The Library:
You find the smell of old books comforting, and before you know it, you’ve dozed off in a chair. Move to the Dreamlands, have one encounter there, and then return.

The Library:
Just before you can ask for help, Abigail Foreman is called away. You notice a page marked in the book she was reading, and you realize it’s a spellbook! Make a Lore (-1) check to copy it down. If you pass, gain 1 Spell.

St. Mary’s Church:
The medical examiner leads you to the body of another investigator that was torn to shreds. Pass a Will (-1) check or lose 1 Sanity.

Ye Olde Magick Shoppe:
Just loitering around in the magic shoppe for a few hours leaves you with the feeling that your life is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. No encounter.

Ma’s Boarding House:
You relax on the porch and swap stories with the other guests late into the night. The next morning you wake up with your mission in mind. No encounter.

South Church:
“Please, take your time. He will hear everything you have to say.” Stay here next turn to regain all of your Sanity.

As for progress today, I’m a little closer to finish the last few neighborhoods, but I spent a big chunk of time incorporating the Blight effects into the tables. That meant rewriting at least a dozen encounters. I also rewrote a couple that needed some work. I also cut most of the “no encounter” encounters. Because they’re boring.

You’ll probably also notice these encounters use pretty specific, consistent wording. I’m big on that consistency. There’s no weird “he blesses you” ambiguity, that leaves you wondering if you should discard your Curse or not. I also got really into writing the encounters wherein “a gate opens and a monster appears.” They’re fun!