So, I’m writing up the last couple neighborhoods worth of encounters, revising the encounters I already have, checking for spelling and grammar errors, and trying to strike a balance of danger and rewards for each location. Some encounters refer to stuff from the expansion, but you don’t necessarily need them to enjoy the new encounter tables. Of course, in the midst of this, I had another idea.

The Dunwich Horror expansion added the idea of Tasks and Missions to give players something else to do when there was a lull between catastrophes. There are precious few encounters that actually interact with either item type (not that there are all that many to begin with), but I thought the idea, at least, was cool.

So, when I hit a couple snags while filling out these last few locations, I figured I could look to see where the Tasks sent investigators, and what kind of connection was made between the locations. I had this idea for the “score and scoot.” Score an item and the opportunity to scoot to another location and have another encounter.

Each of these follows the basic path of a Task or Mission, starting in one corner of the city and criss-crossing the map. I think it’s possible to get up to a “three encounter combo” this way, but that isn’t such a terrible thing. You might even be playing a character who tries to get this encounter type all the time, like the Photographer.

…Well, I figured out that it worked pretty well for the Tasks, but Missions were a little weirder, so I decided the more “mundane” Tasks were the only ones that mattered in this case. Missions tend to be weighted a little heavier on the reward end, so I think they’re fine enough the way they are (for the time being, anyway).

So, now some of the locations have a little more “connectivity” to one another. If you get the right kind of encounters, you can quickly travel across the city, even without a high Speed rating, or a vehicle to boost your Movement Points. You can save those valuable MP for reading all those Tomes you pick up along the way, or something.