Let me break it down — acquiring a membership isn’t the easiest thing to do. You need to be at the Silver Twilight Lodge, and there can’t be more pressing issues.

In the basic game, there are two of seven encounters that will net you a membership opportunity. Your chance is a bit less than one in three (but close enough, really). You need to have three dollars, which isn’t hard to have, but is sometimes hard to get. Once you’re in the Inner Sanctum, only one encounter will remove your membership.

One encounter spawns a monster on you and one requires a Luck (-2) check to avoid a Curse. Another encounter lets you claim a gate as a trophy, and a fourth lets you claim a monster as a trophy, but both cost 1 Sanity and require a Lore check, and the latter requires 2 Clue tokens. Make sure you carry at least three dollars…

…Or you’ll lose your membership and 2 Sanity. Not fun. Anyway, another encounter lets you make a Luck (-2) check to search the Unique item deck for any one card, but doesn’t threaten you with the loss of your membership. Searching the Unique item deck, always go for an Elder Sign. That’s just you play the game. *snerk*

I mean, it can be worth it, but it’s mostly up to you as a player. If you have the time and the money, go for it. I recommend going for Inner Sanctum encounters when there’s a lull and no gates have opened. Pick up some cash at the Newspaper and then make a bee-line for the Lodge. Otherwise, go there for Clue tokens, or as Diana Stanley.

I’m glad it came up though, because I’ve taken a fair amount of time to think about the Order of the Silver Twilight and the role they play in the game. They should be kind of special, and it should somehow be worth the time and effort necessary to seek out and gain a membership. The Inner Sanctum encounters should be worth it, somehow.