July doesn’t really seem that long ago, but I guess it turns out to be, like, five months ago. In that post, “Tweaks and Thoughts,” I wrote about sorting the Investigators into piles of warriors, mages, explorers, and “other.” Friday night, I reorganized them into those same categories, but I took a slightly different approach. Warriors have Fight, mages have Lore, … you get the idea.

Initially, the only criteria for belonging to one category or another was having (generally) a possible five or six in the appropriate skill. I realized that some of the skills were represented unevenly across the characters, and it was sometimes difficult to tell if a character belonged to “warrior” or “explorer,” so I started with explorers. To be an explorer, they generally have to have a five or six in Luck.

The new categories have slightly different criteria, as I realized characters with high Lore didn’t necessarily have access to Spells. Warriors, for one, have to have a high Fight and begin play with a fixed Weapon. Mages have to have a high Lore and begin play with one or more Spells (fixed or random). That meant I needed a secondary criterion for explorers — generally a special ability that somehow aids exploration.

I haven’t actually figured out what that is yet, but I’m thinking about the characters differently now. I’m also dredging up some of my older notes about tweaks to the game to see if they’re necessary or can otherwise be incorporated into the game “from the ground up” to give the game a better feeling of “progression.”