This excerpt is taken right out of the middle of Chapter 8.

Left breathless from her mystery, Elysia still had the energy to raise a finger and stab it toward Goenar, who stood alone, far behind the other men. Unseen by all but her, her magic leaped from its position, hovering just above her head, across the battlefield to strike Goenar, causing him to cry out and stumble.

A low, slow, almost inaudible chuckle escaped Elysia’s lips. “Run for cover little insect,” she whispered, as her magic dispersed into the aether, then reappeared to hover over her head once more.

“Never mind me!” said Goenar to the man nearest him. “Get them! Lancus is getting away!”

“They’re coming,” said Miraia, “I won’t be able to stop them all.”

Pushing their blinded fellows out of the way, several bandits armed with spears and clubs approached the women. Elysia was still unsteady on her feet, and Miraia stood as close as she could to cover Elysia’s flank.

Miraia batted away the first spear to come her way with ease, but the second man struck Elysia across the brow with the side of his spear. Before she could cry out, a bright flash of light enveloped the man, and sent him stumbling back several paces, blinking, and checking to see that he was still holding his spear.

Elysia was heaving breath, but managed to whisper a “thanks” to her magic. She managed to gesture toward Goenar again, and despite its apparent misgivings, her magic darted away to strike at him again, leaving her defenseless as the third man’s club knocked her staff away. If she had had any breath in her lungs, it would have been forced out.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of Seeking Order, A Rumors of War novel-in-progress! I’ll try and throw around a couple more excerpts as I continue to work on the novel throughout National Novel Writing Month. *grins*