Now, I know I’ve done really poorly the entire last week of National Novel Writing Month, but I want everyone to know that I haven’t given up yet. I figure I’ve still got a shot at the fifty thousand word goal if I get at least three thousand words a day, which amounts to an entire chapter every day. Kind of what I wanted to do from the beginning but, you know, didn’t, for some reason, do.

I got well over three thousand words yesterday, with the final count being closer to four thousand. I’m actually aiming for more like a “complete chapter” every day (still), which is in the vicinity of twenty-seven, twenty-eight hundred words, but I’m still going to aim for three thousand daily. Period. Just to make sure it gets done properly.

I’ve still been experimenting with game mechanics, of course. I certainly haven’t stopped work on that because I’ve been too busy to do just about everything else, and I’m positive I had more to say about it than that. I think there was even going to be some more information about the setback mechanics or the magic of the Seven States or something. But, nope, I forgot what it was. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.