So, I wrote a little something about zombies a little while back (it actually seems more recent than it really is, but that’s because I’ve been dragging my heels writing this book), and I don’t remember if I mentioned why zombies came up at all. I can’t be bothered to read my own blog to see if I did either because practice has shown that if I don’t remember blogging about something, it’s because I didn’t.

So here’s the reason why I wrote about the Zombie Equilibrium Hypothesis: I figured out how to put zombies in my novel. I mean, they’re only kind of zombies, I mean, they’re the undead, and they fill the same general role that zombies do in most works of fiction that include them, but I’ve been working with the undead for such a long time, I rarely play any of the standard monster types “straight.”

Last night, I finally wrote the first couple zombie encounters. I’m going to keep calling them zombies, even though they’re functionally more akin to (avert your eyes for this massive spoiler alert) bloodbending puppets. (end spoiler) Of course, we aren’t using the z-word around here because of the aforementioned difference, not to mention the fact that I don’t want to disappoint any hardcore zombie fans if the creatures in question don’t live up to their expectations of classic undead beasties.

So, I’ve passed my first major fiction speed-bump, and I’ve moved from having the protagonists bashing on human thugs and bandits to bashing on something meatier and more likely to get back up for more punishment. Then again, given my style of writing these scenes, you might not see much of an immediate difference, … unless you count the zombies as being more dangerous for being more determined.

That out of the way, I’m having fun beating up on my protagonists, and I’ve actually been getting ideas for future adventures with these characters, … which I suppose is a good thing because some of them show up in the long-term webcomic story. Which I will eventually have to return to, since this novel wants a little set-up. Or tie-in.