I’ve spent the last couple weeks thinking on what I’m going to be writing this month. This will be the sixth year I participate in National Novel Writing Month, and it will hopefully be the third year I complete the challenge of writing fifty thousand words by the end of November. I don’t remember the novel I tried to write when I started in 2005, or 2006 for that matter (though I remember 2008, of course).

This year will be different from other years. First, I’m living in a new place, under new conditions. I’m married, and even the responsibilities I had before (making sure I eat enough, drink water, exercise, et cetera) have slightly different connotations. Before, it only hurt me if I neglected to take care of myself for a month or three, and losing my job meant I had to look for another one. I have to take care of my family.

So this NaNoWriMo won’t be like it was last year. I won’t be updating my blog, webcomic, and novel at the same time. The comic has been on hiatus since my niece was born, and I might not have time to update my blog if I’m going to make NaNo this year. I will try, of course, but there’s putting in the effort and there’s the harsh light of reality. The blog will still be here after NaNo, too. A few weeks won’t hurt it.

…Anyway, now that NaNoWriMo has officially begun, I’ll let on a little bit more about the novel I’m working on this month. The entire story follows Elysia and is from her point of view. She is working alone in this story, which will take place over the course of about five weeks (I’m not writing it in “real time,” mind you, I’m writing the “good parts”) and takes place about three years after the comic began.

The other characters from the comic will make appearances throughout the novel. Illyra, Occela, Nenshe, and Obadai will all play small role in the story. Nothing terrible has happened to them, well they haven’t died, or suffered anything too permanent, but something has happened, which will take place in the comic’s normal timeline once I resume updates. (It’s been a planned event for a year at this point … maybe longer?)

So, that’s twenty minutes out of my writing day. I’ll check in later if I have a chance.