Day Two I finished out with just over twenty-seven hundred words (for a total of around fifty-four hundred) and my second complete chapter. I did all of my writing at the tail-end of the day, and only barely knocked out the last words before I turned into a pumpkin at midnight. In the future, I’d like to get at least the first half of my word count done before the end of the day.

I can see myself cranking out a good fifteen hundred at the end of the day, but the full day’s writing… not quite as easy. I might be a little too optimistic about that, but I can dream, y’know? Writing during the day’s hard enough as it is, I have only a little time on my lunch break, plus any time I can steal before I go to work — and it’s difficult for me to write surrounded by people. I need mostly solitude.

So, about the project so far! I’ve finished Chapters 3 and 4 which deal mainly with the introduction of the main character and the supporting cast (in the context of this particular story) and the initial conflict. It’s been … interesting … spending so much time in Elysia’s head. She was headstrong and kind of reckless before, but part of her journey has brought her from impotent rage into general loathing.

I don’t know that I ever intended for her to make an emotional journey, but it seems more appropriate to her character than other sorts of growth. Rather than being angry and lashing out at people around her, she’s internalized a lot of her issues, and in the process of sorting through them, you can see her contempt and boredom bubble up when she loses control of herself. She’s getting stronger, though. *smiles*

Yesterday, I tried to write a vignette showcasing one of Elysia’s new powers, and I actually got lost in the process of setting up the encounter. I think I got three to four hundred words into it and violence hadn’t broken out by the time I had to hang up the writing and attend to something else. I mean, showcasing the power was a bust, but it did help me get into my writing that evening, which was nice.

You know what that exercise showed me though? It seemed clear that the integrity of the character’s situation, and her way of handling events was more important than the action of the scene I was trying to reach. I mean, that has its drawbacks, but the scene was still heading toward some juicy violence. It was just a matter of reaching that violence on Elysia’s terms. I can probably reuse bits of that scene, too.