Yesterday was a meandering day for writing, but I will note with some happiness, that I got “back on track” to reach the traditional NaNoWriMo goal of fifty thousand words. Now, I’m of the opinion that a novel is really more like eighty thousand words, which is my personal goal (this is even admitted on the NaNo website itself), but keeping in line with what’s expected still a good secondary goal.

So, I finished out yesterday with about twenty-eight hundred words, bringing my total to 10,800. This is about eight hundred words over the expected total by the end of the sixth day, so you can see … it works, even if it isn’t ideal for me. I will admit, I am still doing pretty well for what I’m trying to do, and with what else there is going on in the background. It is November, after all, and I have other responsibilities.

I might point out that it’s Day Seven now, and the OL&L still hasn’t posted an official wordcount widget. You may shun them. Shun them all. SHUN. Shunnnnnnnnnnnn~

I’ve finished Chapters 3-6 of my novel, with each one being between twenty-six and twenty-eight hundred words in length. If I were on schedule, I’d have finished another two chapters, but hey, I’m still doing pretty well. As I was saying, yesterday was a meandering sort of day, and it took me the full day to achieve my wordcount. There was a bit of blockiness that I had to journal through, and I had one minor breakdown.

So, when I was younger, let’s say about fifth or sixth grade, I read this story called “The Fall of the Forest Cycle,” which I’ve mentioned it once or twice on my blog. It’s one of the works that made me want to be a writer of fantasy myself, and around that time, I started writing my first-ever fantasy novel. Over the next six or seven years, I would continue adding to and rewriting that story, until decided to move on.

Yesterday, I wrote myself into a proverbial “corner,” when I realized I had set up a situation just like the beginning of my first novel, A Story of Magick, and I panicked. That first novel represents a lot of things to me, and the things at the forefront of my mind when I had this little episode were, “incomplete” and “failure.”

I talked to cookiemonger for a bit, and she helped calm me down so I could get back to writing. Once I finished the chapter, it no longer looked anything like the passage I was comparing it to, which may mean I was just “seeing ghosts,” as it were. I mean, there’s still a vague resemblance, but nothing near what I had assumed it was before. After the scare, I was able to plow through the rest of the chapter with relative ease.