I think I got some writing in on the eighth, but my memory is a little fuzzy in that regard. I assume I must have, because I’m not that far behind in my word count, but I didn’t add any words yesterday. Now, I’m not too worried about keeping up because I do manage to pull huge writing days out of the aether, and this NaNoWriMo will be no exception — even if I’m writing like mad the night of the thirtieth.

Speaking of writing, and in fact, speaking of this very NaNo — I manage to squeeze in about a thousand words during my lunch break, which had me feeling pleased with myself. If I could just manage a couple thousand every day like that, I’d actually have finished half of my novel by now, … but let’s stay on topic here…

I actually reached a point in the novel where I wasn’t sure what to do next. I foundered a bit (which is why I didn’t write at all yesterday) but today I figured out where I need to go next, which is a nice, comfortable feeling. In fact, I’m pretty sure I know where I need to go the next several chapters, and I made a neat little reference document for myself to review later when I get stuck again (inevitably).

That link to “Making Light” actually became really handy for me in this regard, as I realized exactly what I needed to do to move the plot forward was to bring a character (or group of characters) back and put them exactly where no one expected them to be. I originally wrote them as a bit of filler, and realized this morning that they were exactly what I needed for a bit of hard continuity. For this book, anyway.

Funny, how much that bitty article goes on about reusing elements you’ve introduced, and here it took me this long to understand how to make use of it — and this after I already agreed with what was being said, and was pushing the idea because I thought it was important and useful. Which ought to be a lesson in slow learning. *smirk*

I am writing a novel, and I’m going to finish it. Unlike “To Catch A Goat,” I don’t actually know how this is going to end yet, but I’m also not terribly worried about it. I have all the important events I need, and I technically have a webcomic behind the protagonist and a serial novel behind the narrative I’m developing. The design style I used has been tested before, and refined through an iterative process. I’m rockin’ it!

Oh, I think I’m at about fourteen thousand words.