So, the lovely cookiemonger has been developing a group of characters using the Airship Pirates system (inspired by the band, Abney Park), and she’s recently rounded out the fourth of a planned six characters. I recommend you check them out, because there’s some lovely prose and some truly fun character moments. Introductions so far include (by air date):

Edelweiss, the robot prostitute assassin
(That’s robot-prostitute, not prostitute-assassin, mind you.)

Surinder Daybreak, the mild-mannered mechanic
(Voted “Most Likely to Appear in a Production of La Boheme.”)

Candlewick “Anything That Moves” Reed
(Get ’em while they’re hot!)

Jessaminica Nakkerman, “designated hero” to-be
(You’ll be done coming-of-age when I say you are!)

Still to come are of course, our captain and resident doctor, and the ship’s own She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. CM has expressed an interest in collaborating on future writing projects with these characters, and she’s bringing me up to speed on the mechanics she’s using and the kinds of stories she wants to tell.

Also not to miss are the fascinating and detailed notes CM has made about the individual character actions, and the dice rolls involved in making some of the decisions of story and character direction. Each entry of notes is just as long, if not longer than the accompanying prose entry, and shows a great deal of depth behind the transformation of dice rolls into narrative.

I recommend the character bits for anyone who loves a fun romp (especially geared toward fans of steampunk) and the notes for anyone who wants to puzzle out how to turn abstract dice rolls and roleplaying jargon into a cohesive narrative.