I want to offer some thoughts after the initial setup of my playtest of “The Dungeons of the Catan Horror.” The very idea of placing Gate Markers and Clue Tokens in such a fashion that they are “away from civilization” is utter nonsense now that I’ve had the chance to sit down with an actual board.

Creating a balanced board in terms of spreading the settlements out evenly means there are literally no places on the board that aren’t touched by either a settlement or road. I think to modify this, Gate Markers should go around the “outside” of the board, inasmuch as this is possible, and Clue Tokens should go around the “inside.”

I also realized there ought to be more Clue Tokens on the board, and remembered that there should be at least one for each unstable location. These, again, should probably go around the “inside” of the board. I’m still not sure what they should do, but I have the feeling that Clue Tokens ought to influence … something.

Characters in Dungeons of the Catan Horror have significantly fewer Clue Tokens than they would otherwise, not to mention the fact there are far fewer locations for them to visit. (Even the expansion boards have about a dozen apiece.) But there should still be other ways to acquire Clue Tokens — through encounters.

Now, one major drawback of Arkham Horror encounters is they won’t necessarily advance your character’s personal plot, or help them fight the awakening of the Ancient One (basically wasting the player’s time), but they can also cause more problems for the investigator — effectively backtracking.

So, what if the player already had another purpose when they went to an encounter location? Maybe what they really want is an audience with the local ruler, or some other … eh, some other thing they can get there which can also be of some use to them? Like, some other location power? I don’t know, I still need to work on it.