Did anyone else think “Our Powers Combined” was cool? Since I’m writing Elysia, and she’s going to be squaring off with some dudes in combat, I thought it prudent to see how I’d written her before. “Our Powers Combined” might not be the most accurate to the character, I mean, it was the first time I tried writing any of them in prose, but there was something pretty cool about it. I meant them. All of them.

It took me a few vignettes before I got into the mindset of writing those battles, and I remember at first they felt pretty generic. As I went along, I wanted to include more and more recurring elements, and more cast members in each one, but I was afraid that the writing would get bloated and I’d fall behind in writing them. They eventually culminated in “Our Powers Combined,” which was my chance to really show off.

Now, writing the vignettes led eventually got me into writing “To Catch A Goat,” which you probably already know is in a morbid state of on-again-off-again hiatus while I gradually add to it between working on other things. (It’s nearly complete, though!) Working on “To Catch A Goat” made me realize that I needed to write from and explore a single character’s perspective, which gave me my NaNoWriMo concept.

Of course, I’ve already told you about what happened with that. It was shelved in favor of returning to the Rumors of War characters who have been left in limbo the longest. They’re the ones this effort has been for, it’s only fair that this next story go to them. I could have written about any of the other characters, but Elysia gets the first crack at a novel. My NaNoWriMo 2008 novel was supposed to be hers.

I’ll get there. Hopefully soon.