Spoony’s review of the Dead or Alive film got me thinking about fighting games and their typical excuse plots for bringing together a bunch of characters to fight. There’s at least one or two fighting game series whose attempts at story I can appreciate, and those are Guilty Gear and Soul Calibur. Er, and I’ll save my rant about winning and losing matches under specific conditions for a later time.

I’ve mentioned wanting to write a plot for a fighting game for a while. I like the idea of many characters weaving in and out of each others’ lives, stopping for a fight from time to time for varying reasons. It’s something that piques my interest. I actually discussed the possibility for an awesome story-based fighter with my dad.

We watched the Highlander television series together, and when I brought up the boring Excuse Plots of most fighting games, we came up with a Highlander-inspired storyline to justify many duels between a diverse cast of characters. Picture an elite group of immortal warriors, living and walking through the ages of the world. They meet at specific points in the world’s history, during periods of civil strife.

Each time period would provide several stages where the immortal warriors meet and duel for reasons that could vary almost infinitely, and each one would have specific aims and goals that would evolve throughout the centuries. They could consistently end up on opposite sides between warring states during antiquity, feuding noble houses, and social revolutions. Think Street Fighter meets Civilization.

Somewhere in all that, I thought of the vignettes I wrote for the Rumors of War characters, and the ongoing story “To Catch A Goat,” and I had an idea. Once I’ve finished TCAG, and depending largely on whether I go back to catch up the comic immediately or continue holding it until after NaNoWriMo, I could write a story about eight to ten warriors drifting in and out of each others’ lives and battles.

Originally, I thought of it as an excuse to write a whole bunch of random characters fighting each other, and then I thought of how it could be better than that. Who knows, I might wind up developing an enormous auxiliary cast of awesome characters to moonlight in Rumors of War and future Norvendae projects? It could happen.