I had an interesting train of thought this morning that started with contemplating the difference between addiction and compulsion. I wouldn’t have really given the two terms much consideration if it hadn’t been for an episode of Extra Credits from this season that discusses “gaming addiction” and clarifies it as compulsion. Addiction is more specifically a dependency on mind-altering chemicals.

…Or maybe it isn’t. Extra Credits raised the question in my mind, and whether it’s accurate or not, it got me thinking about different kinds of mind control, with a magical bent. I started to think about differences between, say, spore-producing plants that chemically controlling the actions of a character, versus a powerful psychic mentally compelling a character’s actions. It got me thinking about chemicals and illusions.

Generally, that got me thinking about the different places of psychic and poison damage in the context of the Seven States Cosmology. I’ve been going back and forth about the effect types of the Primeval state, whether it’s “light” which I continue to maintain, or is it a sort of plant-based magic, or maybe instead an emotion-based magic type. Is it light? Is it illusion? Plants? Poisons? What is it?

This confusion has been the basis of my flip-flopping between what characters of the Primeval state do with their powers. I’ve actually been moving toward consolidating a light- and emotion-based “wonder” state, which cares more about the mental state of its users and targets. Stimulate and charge your allies to overcome their normal limitations, or overwhelm the senses to overload and shut-down an opponent.

In concept, this should be easily achieved with either chemicals (or magical reagents, if you prefer) that interfere with the subject’s nervous center, or a psychic assault on the target’s decision-making abilities through the use of false senses and illusions. Clever use of misdirection can be just as effective, but the desired effect is generally the same across the board: control the target’s actions.

Moreover, this has me thinking about other “energy damage” types, like fire, lightning, cold, and such. I’m going to need to spend more time on this.