I have my likes and dislikes, you know. I like to think they go with being human. I wasn’t really a fan of the Spoony Experiment in any capacity before I met cookiemonger. To be completely honest, I really wasn’t a fan of any reviewers (video or otherwise) before I met CM, except friends, like Linzer Dinzer and DeliriumZero. Some have grown on me since then, like Yahtzee and Spoony.

So I think I may have crossed the threshold into “fan” territory with Spoony’s recent (relatively) review of the Dead or Alive film. In the past, I’ve watched Spoony’s reviews with CM, or I’ve watched one on my own that she’s recommended. I actually found this review on my own and decided to watch it of my own volition. Well, listen to it, ’cause I was at work and wanted something to take my mind away from what I was doing.

I didn’t really get the references to other reviewers, ’cause I have only a vague understanding of the “Spoony canon.” Still, I enjoyed his take on the film, followed along with his criticism (of which there were many). I was also surprised to note that I have enough of an understanding of his review style and preferences, that I was able to predict his ultimate judgment of the film.

I’m of the mind that the best reviewers leave you with a feeling that you’re smarter somehow, whether you watched the movie or not (or played the game, or read the book). I’m starting to get that vibe from Spoony, and I felt smarter after listening to his review of the Dead or Alive film. Is it a good movie? Probably not, I haven’t watched it. But I feel smarter for having heard a review of it.