My review of Kara no Shojo is live on Inside AX. Somehow, it seems I forgot to mention when my review of Soul Link went online (back at the end of June). I have six reviews up on Inside AX now (just in case you were keeping track, ’cause you know I totally am). These last two were both for visual novels, which is a medium I’m pretty new to — not really a video game, not really a manga.

Being new to the medium, I had to figure out the sorts of things that mattered to me — do I care about the graphics, the characters, the story, the music? It’s been an interesting experience. With Soul Link, I was disappointed that the story presented itself one way (light-hearted romance) during the introduction, and changed gears (military drama) as soon as it gave over control to the player.

With Soul Link behind me, I entered Kara no Shojo with different expectations. I let things just kind of happen, and I think I enjoyed it a lot more. I’m also of the mind that the time period and the characterization were more to my personal taste, though I think certain other elements were unnecessary. All-girl high schools and excessively gory murders are a bit tired in my opinion.

I’m looking forward to my next assignment, whatever it is. Life has settled down to the extent that a routine is emerging, which should allow for me to play through and review games (or watch and review anime, as the case may be) on a consistent basis. We’ll just have to see what comes my way next. I’ll keep y’all posted.