I’ve been thinking about National Novel Writing Month off and on the last few weeks, particularly leaning towards thoughts of “what to do” when November rolls around. Honestly, I have a couple stories that I’d really like to write, and one that I’ve even been keeping on the back burner for several months now in anticipation of NaNoWriMo. And I just noticed the bitter taste of reality in my mouth.

Fact: I have way too many projects in the air to take on a new one.

So, what am I going to do about National Novel Writing Month in November? I’ve already made it my intent to participate in NaNo every year, and finish every year. I have the blog, which I try to add to every day. It’s important to me, to have this small presence that I can look and point to as a collation of projects and whatnot.

Rumors of War is paused in mid-Reveal, which is unacceptable but I’m not doing anything about it. My current excuse is that I haven’t finished the story that’s being revealed, “To Catch A Goat.” Technically, TCAG is my excuse for not working on several projects I’ve had my eye on the last several months.

This morning, I wrote in my notebook (I continue to write by hand, of course, to warm up my mind for other writing) that, “I should immediately cease creating new settings for new stories. I should adapt the ‘new’ stories to existing settings and take characters I’ve already created on new adventures.” On review, this is absolutely true.

My intent for creating an ongoing webcomic was to generate a continuity in which to base stories. An evolving setting that I could branch from to tell new stories. I’ve hit one dead end after another and I’m treating everything like work, which isn’t fair to projects I already have in motion. They’re supposed to be my awesome-fun escape.

Effective immediately, I’m striking down all projects requiring me to learn or re-learn programming. They can bloody well wait. That means any projects that require RPGMaker, Java script, or the Android Development Kit I downloaded are on hold. No whining, no questions, no arguments, nothing. They’re on indefinite hold.

The story I was developing for NaNoWriMo isn’t just going to the back burner, it’s going into cold storage. My NaNo project is going to be based on Rumors of War, using characters and a setting that already exists. Its timeline picks up at the end of Year Two, regardless of progress on the comic when November begins.

Work on the Norvendae card game will continue in the background (and occasionally in the foreground) because it’s the parent project of Rumors of War. And that’s it.