So, after blogging about the problem I was having with RPGMaker last night, I not only figured out how to make the code work, but I implemented one really easy test to check it. So, now I have a day/night cycle that changes the tint of the screen to reflect the time of day, and I also have counters that track the march of days and weeks in the game world. Gentlemen behold! I have created time!

…Or a game world representation of the passage of time, anyway. Now that I have the basic mechanics in place, I have all kinds of ideas for improving the system. It’s an exciting time. And then, I can’t help but admire a bit of code I wrote about five years ago, which checks for the “time of day.” It’s written in a cascade of if/then statements, which take up about a quarter of the space they would otherwise. It’s pretty.

I want to have a couple screenshots up in the next day or so, to show you what I’m talking about, and what the project looks like right now. I’ll give you some more updates as I work on things, but part of the idea is to incorporate lots of the gameplay ideas I talk about on this blog into the design of the game. At the moment, it’s looking like a sandbox roleplaying/adventure game, but as I said, I’ll keep you posted.