While I was wrapping up my development of the smith class, I started thinking a little about the classes of the other suits, and I remembered the differences I meant to keep between the suits. More recently, I swapped divination with development, so Cups has the former and Wands has the latter. It makes more sense when you consider the thematic “flow” of the classes associated with the two suits.

Sorry, the point I was trying to get to was that the Wands classes had a philosophy that centered on the player powers “Development” and “Forfeiture.” With Development, you’re meant to weigh risk and reward when you reveal cards from your Destiny, and with Forfeiture, you sacrifice one of your cards in the field to prevent a greater loss. There’s a lot of cost-effect analysis going on with the classes.

Cups is where I’m headed next, and it’s very different. You can look at the powers Cups chooses to focus on for the divide in thinking: Divination and Restoration. (In case you missed it, the Consignment power was renamed to Restoration.) Cups is another side of card-drawing, reflected in Wands, albeit with a different mechanic.

Divination gives you a three-card guarantee with the chance for a fourth card, at a price. Any player can participate in a Divination initiated by another player, and Intercession is an easy way to prevent the player from getting their fourth card. Destiny revealed by Divination is inevitable, and the power carries an altogether different risk from Development. One that’s harder to predict.

With Development, the active player has more control and carries full responsibility for the revealing of Destiny and choosing whether to “stay or hit” in a single action. With Divination, they give up a measure of that control, for a more predictable benefit and a less predictable drawback. They cannot know what their opponents will divine.

So, Cups has a different outlook than Wands. It trades some control for some certainty. Combined with its focus on Restoration, Cups has inevitability on its side. Destiny will be revealed, and cards lost in flux will return to Destiny to be revealed when their time comes again. Blah, blah, heart of the cards.