Much like clerics, mystics are leaders in their community. They are concerned with building and maintaining the infrastructure that makes up their respective state. Clerics fulfill this duty with channel, and mystics use mettle. Thematically similar in function and application, the differences are primarily technical. Intuition is their skill, and their corresponding powers are Divination and Restoration.

Natural mystics are called mediums. They act as arbiters and mediators in their communities, consoling those suffering from grief, performing burial and memorial services, as well as other duties necessary to the spiritual well-being of society.

Totemists, the primeval mystics, feel the pulse of the world, which they convey to others through song and dance, incense, herbal infusions, and illusory displays. They evoke primal emotions and enable a deep connection with the wild places.

Mystics of the elemental state are called oracles, and are often associated with remote or exotic locations in the world, such as mountaintops and volcanoes. They listen to the whispers of the earth and guide people toward peace and balance.

Mystics of the empyreal state are called prophets. Their duty is to lead followers of the divine in living in accordance to divine will. They experience visions, which they impart as wisdom to those who listen, enriching the lives of all they encounter.

Shamans are the mystics of the ethereal state. For many, they are their primary connection to spirits that have crossed into the Underworld. They are charged with calming swells in the Clamor and locating souls lost in the churning Aether.

Psychics, sidereal mystics who are sometimes called weavers of fate, are tasked with learning and revealing the destinies of powerful individuals like kings and heroes, and entire communities from small villages to mighty kingdoms.

Spectral mystics are called diviners, and they are keepers and dealers of secrets. From the smallest of squabbles between mortals and the subtlest affairs of the gods, to rumors of subterfuge between nations and the machinations of the Ancient Ones.