It’s important to note the year that any Three Musketeers film came out, simply because this story has been adapted so many times over, it’s nigh impossible to keep them apart. I heard about this particular one less than a week before seeing it. You could say I went in blind, with no expectations, and by my count, the movie was every bit what I expected. It was fun, but make sure you get popcorn.

Seeing this movie reminded me of why I don’t get excited about movies much these days. I mean, I’ve been disappointed enough times by enough TV shows, movies, comics, and video games, that it’s hard to get excited about anything, and this movie is great for someone who has let go of any and all expectations. Like Real Steel, this isn’t a great movie. It isn’t a terrible film either, it’s “just a movie.”

Thankfully, for me, that’s exactly what I was expecting. I actually had some fun with how the movie turned out, with its ridiculous warping of the original story and the inclusion of airships and whatnot. I mean, it was the Van Helsing of Musketeer films. Hopefully the next one will involve steam-powered zombies or something, and maybe a da Vinci-inspired construct of some type. Maybe a clay golem? That would be awesome.

So, should you go see it? Sure, why not. Orlando Bloom plays an all-but-cackling villain, as does Milla Jovovich, of Resident Evil and The Fifth Element fame. Maybe the movie will sell enough that we’ll get to see the apocalyptic airship war they kept teasing us from the beginning of the film. Some parts are downright adorable, mostly the scenes involving the king of France and his obsession with his wife and wardrobe.