Cookiemonger and I went out to see Real Steel one evening because … I don’t really remember why we went out that evening. I think we’d planned on having an evening out, I think I remember she’d had a bad day? Or maybe was tired? I don’t know, it seems so much less important in retrospect. I do remember we watched a couple episodes of Movie Bob on The Escapist, and settled on Real Steel.

The movie was just about what we expected, based on the Movie Bob review. Hugh Jackman’s character, the delinquent father, was a jerk and a loser, and we were both suitably horrified by his outlook and attitude toward children. The kid was not the most annoying part of the film (I think all of the adults were vying for that position), and was actually kind of smart and sympathetic.

I don’t think the movie was very good … but it also wasn’t a bad movie. It played almost all of its tropes straight, in fact, I think it played all of its tropes straight. But should you see it? Well, I didn’t see and of the Transformers films, but I’m told the giant robots in this movie were way better. They had more individual personality and you could actually tell them apart when they were waling on each other.

The movie also followed the Rocky formula, which should pretty much be a dead giveaway. The kid is a convincing gamer. Maybe not such a convincing mechanic or electrician, but whatever. Suspension of disbelief has to apply somewhere. The final bout is suitably dramatic, and its ending is foreshadowed pretty well. I like the movie’s ongoing themes that “losing isn’t what makes you a loser.”

And really, I wish more movies had that theme. For reals.