…Actually, I prefer “focus” to “implement,” because I think it goes better with the concept. It’s a tool, in effect, and implement is such a mouthful. Er, to get to the point, cookiemonger was gracious enough to sit down with me this afternoon and helped me hash out the “tools of the trade” for each of the character classes I devised. I really owe her, ’cause I made no progress (only five of twelve).

Well, as much as the classes are attached to the skills, and the skills are to the classes, the tools or implements here are primarily geared toward the skills. There will probably be some benefit to your class if you possess an associated focus, but the thing is intended to focus the skill, without which, the focus won’t be terribly useful.

Without further adieu:

Academics stylus/scroll (records)
Athletics wreath/trophy (achievement)
Creation … wheel (progress/turning)
Cultures amphora (storage/trade)
Deception … cloak (concealment)
Discipline … banner/emblem (motivation)
Initiative sandals/wings (swiftness)
Intuition blindfold/scrying pool/stone
Perception light/torch (awareness)
Persuasion rod/rule/measure/scale
Survival dagger signal/horn (warning)
Theatrics drama masks (metamorphoses)

The idea is to create a device for each character, whether it be a badge of recognition (such as the laurel wreath for the athletes, the wheel for the craftsmen, or the blindfold for the mystics), or an actual tool of their profession (the torch for the scout, the mask for theatrics, or the scroll for the scribe). It was meant to be something held or worn, or perhaps manipulated, that could be used to immediately identify each skill.

Hopefully we’ve achieved that. I had to argue a bit for the wheel in the case of the smith. To me, a hammer resembled a weapon too much, and sadly the wrench is far too anachronistic. CM lobbied for a lump of clay, but I don’t think that has a consistent enough shape to symbolize a skill field. Plus, I want to save “clay” for when I make resources — the wheel can be a symbol of office, like the laurel wreath.