In an article titled, “The Brilliance of Dwarf Fortress,” journalist Jonah Weiner describes the world in which Dwarf Fortress was conceived and grown. I actually learned quite a bit about the game, Tarn, and Zach from the article, and I have a better feel for the environment in which the game is being developed. I have a great deal of respect for Tarn and Zach, from one game designer to another.

I looked through some of my older posts and realized I haven’t written much about Dwarf Fortress. That really isn’t fair, considering how much the game has influenced the way I think about game design, character growth, and narrative style. It’s a project that dwarfs anything I’ve ever done … or considered doing. (Yes, that was a pun.) It’s simply phenomenal, and I envy the dedication the brothers have to the game.

I haven’t played Dwarf Fortress in a little over a year, I think the last time was shortly before I moved out of the apartment, and so I’ve missed a lot of the more recent updates to the game. I know as much as I enjoy the concept of the game, I find navigating the menus kind of tedious, and feel I spend more timing fiddling with them than enjoying the collapse of my fortress atop my boozed-up dwarves. But that’s me.

Dwarf Fortress is kind of a big deal, and I’m happy to see it get this attention.