So I had the second part of my root canal this morning. It’s going to take another appointment to get everything sealed up and the crown affixed (see title) but we’re in the home stretch. I’ve gotten the insurance squared away and all that jazz. It’s going to cost me but I think it’s fair, all things considered. More preventative work on my part would have saved me some.

So, I have some mixed feelings about the process, but I’ve reserved judgment for the finished product. Um, my teeth. We’ll call it an early Christmas present to myself. I’ll have a tooth that isn’t rotten from the inside out and I’ll have some great stories to tell about it! Well, except the whole process has been without incident so far.

Really, it seems the best part of the story was the initial discovery that my tooth was completely dead on the inside. I can make jokes about it — “just like my heart/soul” — and I can get into all the gory details completely lacking from the experience. I haven’t even been in excruciating pain, how am I supposed to turn it into a funny anecdote?

Well, there was the idea that I might be able to get the most coverage from my insurance company by waiting until January to get the crown, but that would require sticking with the temporary crown for, like, three months. The temporary crown’s only meant to last, what, two to four weeks? I have this feeling the reason my luck is so good to me is because I don’t push it. I don’t intend to start now.