…Politics Are Occasionally Interesting, But Only In A Narrow Context.

Okay, it doesn’t exactly rhyme, but whatever. I read this one Cracked.com article that led to this other one at the San Diego Tribune, that discussed the horrors of zombies and vampires from a political perspective. I think it’s funny (the Cracked.com article, not the San Diego Tribune), and there are definitely some parallels worth reiterating.

Modern interpretations of both zombies and vampires feature a one-way transformation, or “conversion” process that goes against the will of the victim. If you’re bitten by a republican zombie, you’re stuck craving brains (or whatever they’re after in newer films) for the rest of your mindless, conformist existence.

…And that seems to be the main thing they both have in common. The permanent conversion/transformation thing. They can bite your friends, they can bite your neighbors, they can bite your innocent, naive children, and convert them into the walking dead. You know, I guess the stigma against the undead makes sense now.

Here, I’ve been frustrated by this anti-undead stance that many roleplayers seemingly take without any consideration (“It’s undead, let’s kill it.”) and that’s probably because I’m just weird. I tend to think that anything encountered in an adventure has the potential to be an intelligent, reasoning creature. When I absolutely must take a stance against monsters, the ones I normally choose are aliens and undead.

It could be that these things are conscious (or unconscious) representations of politically-driven fears. They seem the most socially-acceptable monsters to fear and hate. Animals and other strange beasts, elementals, angels, demons, and constructs just seem, … I don’t know. They seem like good monsters for niche groups.

Of course, this fails to address that I prefer a specific, older representation of the zombie, and I generally dislike vampires because there isn’t sufficient thought put into their background or motivations. I mean, seriously … vampires have usually been around for a while, and they’ve no doubt picked up some useful tricks for avoiding the pitchfork mobs. But we’ve already addressed how weird my tastes are.