I don’t think I’ve had this much trouble sleeping since I was a kid. Cookiemonger has to go to sleep pretty early to make sure she gets enough rest before her six-‘o-death in the morning shift, and I’ve been having trouble matching the sleep schedule. That, and I keep wrestling with dreams and headaches at this hour, which haven’t been a part of my life since I was little.

Maybe I’m trying too hard to fall asleep? Maybe I’m not tired enough? Maybe I have poor “sleep hygiene,” and I’m not taking enough time after huge amounts of thinking to properly fall asleep? I’ll admit that this is the time of day when I’d like to wake up most, since it tends to be when my brain wakes up the fastest (though my body has trouble keeping up at times), but I’ve only had maybe six and a half hours of sleep tonight.

Do I need more sleep? I felt like I was basically fighting so hard for sleep an hour ago that I was exhausting myself, and six-plus hours is actually pretty good. Maybe I’ll have easier sleep tonight, since I’ll have been awake all day. I’m a little achy from heavy sleep, but I otherwise I feel okay.

Honestly, I’m used to collapsing from exhaustion at ten or eleven at night, then scrambling to get up in the morning. Maybe this is my body trying to get used to a new schedule and getting it slightly off. I mean, when CM and I went to bed early on our cruise, we both consistently woke up at around seven or eight in the morning.

The title references the Grand List of Console RPG Cliches.