I’ve written the conclusion of the fight from Day 56 of “To Catch A Goat,” though I think I already mentioned that. If I have time before I leave work today, I’ll write that up so it can go online, otherwise I’ll look to transcribing it when I get home. (Once we’ve activated our shiny new Internet service.) I’m anxious to wrap up TCAG because I’m waiting on that before proceeding with Rumors of War.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked about this (and honestly, a while since I’ve worked on it), so I’d like to state upfront what’s left in the project. I originally conceived of “To Catch A Goat” running for twelve full weeks — with at least one update per day. Around Day 56, I decided I wanted to try something new, and write a lot more. While I did write a lot more, I also let my daily progress fall behind.

I currently have writing finished through Day 61 of an estimated 84 days. If I work really, really slowly, it’ll take me something like four weeks to finish, but that isn’t what I want. If I can figure out my rhythm, I’ll shoot to finish TCAG over the next couple weeks. This three-day weekend is a great place to start, considering we’ll also be getting Internet access at home this afternoon.