Okay, I have no idea how much I’ll have to post today, ’cause we have a couple things to do. Cookiemonger and I have to go to the bank, close an account, and move around some funds as part of our consolidation process. After that, we’re going to IKEA to pick up some new shelves ’cause we have more things that need to go on shelves than we presently have space for. (Fun!)

We’re also moving over what is hopefully the last of my stuff from my mom’s house. I’ve already emptied nearly all of my boxes (they were specially packed for quick turnover) which means it’s a matter of pulling things out of the closet and throwing them in the boxes. I’ll also get my computer desk, and I can set up my desktop today.

CM got her copy of Abney Park’s Airship Pirates yesterday, and we both looked over it a bit last night. She also informed me that we received nothing from Comcast. I called the company and found out that despite providing them with all the information they needed to send us the install kit, the order was never completed.

…Well, that explained the lack of order confirmation. Thankfully, my decision to purchase a third party modem meant that the Comcast technician could set up our account and activate everything over the phone with no shipping required. We actually saved ten dollars by not having the install kit shipped to us, which I think is worth the little extra trouble of being on the phone with them for half an hour.

CM and I finished off our day by starting a new game on Seiken Densetsu 3. We picked Angela and Duran, with Lise as our main, and we’ve reached 8th level in the Cave of Waterfalls. We tried once to fight the giant crab monster, and were TPKed, so we’re grinding a little to see if we can’t fix that the next time around. The only time I played the game before, I remember it being difficult, so I’m annoyed but not surprised.

We’re both going to read Airship Pirates with an eye for writing adventures for the campaign setting. I haven’t seen the specific game system before, but it looks like a d6 version of the Storyteller system designed for mortals. And I mean mortals. Characters are so fragile, it’s ridiculous. I haven’t seen weapon damage yet, but I’m worried. You get maybe four hit points before sustaining dice pool penalties.