I’ve listened to the first several episodes of the History of the Power Rangers video review series by Linkara (found here, for those curious) which summarizes the major events of each season in a straightforward manner, discusses the highlights (and the low points) in each season, and talks about the overarching themes. It’s rather thoughtful, considering the subject matter.

I have some problems with Linkara’s reviews. I don’t know, he sounds whiny to me, and sometimes becomes shrill during his videos, which makes him unpleasant to listen to. I think he has good points about the stuff he reviews, and it’s refreshing to get a well thought-out analysis of a work, but it’s a grating experience. I guess it’s his style or something, and he can’t really do anything to change it, but it’s just, …I don’t know.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I’m enjoying his treatment of the Power Rangers series. I don’t know that I ever watched more than the first two seasons, and even without having watched a significant amount of the series, I can follow along with the plot points fairly well. I do get occasionally lost with the various iterations of super-mega-ultra-hyper-awesome-uber-roboto-things … but that isn’t his fault.

I actually feel I have a better understanding of good and bad writing just for listening to his review of the show. He takes a show that I quickly grew out of, and actually makes it sound fun and entertaining again. I don’t have any interest in watching the show again, but I’ll certainly hit it up and its related works on TVtropes and Wikipedia. I mean, why not?