While paging through tropes on (where else?) TVtropes, I stumbled across an interesting Ensemble trope: the Four Philosophy Ensemble. I’d never seen it before today, and I find it interesting how easily the cast of Rumors of War fall into the four philosophical roles as described in the trope. The characters’ outlooks vary, and they change roles periodically, sometimes to avoid picking up the Idiot Ball.

Nenshe fills the role of the cynic with his tendency toward hostility and antagonism toward the other members of the group. His methods and motives are questionable at best, and he doesn’t seem particularly keen on sparing anyone’s feelings.

Elysia fills the role opposite Nenshe, as the optimist, though time will tell if she’s able to hold onto her ideals. She certainly has the traits of stubbornness and optimism, not to mention a bit of the naivety, self-sacrifice, and lack of forethought.

Illyra plays the realist when she feels like it, with experience, adaptability, and a certain willingness to ignore whatever rules or expectations people have in place for her. She could probably be a half-decent leader if she had a mind for it.

Occela is left in the role of the apathetic. She’s constantly engaged with matters outside the scope of the group, with different goals and a different background than the others. She’s also the group’s resident Cloud Cuckoolander.

I’m going to work a bit on updating and expanding the Rumors of War page on TVtropes this afternoon. I’m looking at this trope and the Heroes R Us trope.