“There’s no other way around, then?” asked Mercer. “We going to fight our way through?”

“I didn’t find one, and our scholar here didn’t provide me with much to go on, either,” said Nicyes.

In the glow of Alquis’s magic light, three of them looked at Nicyes: Myrtle with a look of annoyance, Alquis with one of amusement, and Arturo with one of discomfort. It was Myrtle who spoke.

“To which one of us were you referring?”

Nicyes shut his mouth, and after consideration, pointed at Alquis.

“What, did you forget his name?” asked Myrtle. She sighed. “We’re all trying to figure our way out of here, Nicyes.”

“We’re wasting time,” he said.

“Alquis isn’t wasting our time. Certainly not on purpose.”

“How many of them are there, lad?” asked Mercer, changing the subject.

“Four that I saw,” said Nicyes, “but I could hear another one nearby — and those were just the ones I was able to find. There could be more.”

“Well, we need to eat something, and it isn’t like we know our way out yet–”

Arturo interrupted, sounding shocked. “Are you suggesting we eat the cultists?”

“No, of course not,” said Myrtle. “I was just thinking that they might have some provisions or something. Or a map. I don’t know. We need to do something, I think Nicyes has made that clear.”

“Oh,” said Arturo, “I was going to say it reminded me of a good story. You’d like it Nicyes, it’s a bloody one. Ritual sacrifices, wolves, and curses from the gods.”

“I think we’ve all had enough of curses.” Mercer, Alquis, Nicyes, and Arturo exchanged glances.

“Oh, right,” said Arturo.

“What?” asked Myrtle. “Why are you looking at each other? Does it have something to do with me? Why are you looking that way?”

“Nothing to do with you,” said Alquis, shaking his head. “Different story.”