So, I was thinking one approach to figuring out the smiths was to learn a bit more about materials science. Metallurgy would be a great place to start with smiths. (Yeah, I’m still trying to figure them out.) Metallurgy served an important role in ancient society, and helped win quite a few wars. The secret to finding and crafting certain tools was instrumental to technological advancement.

So, am I going about this the wrong way? *sigh* I’m looking at resources, I’m looking at craftsmen. I’m looking for a way to streamline the process, and I just don’t … I don’t get it. What bases need to be covered? Am I trying to do too much? Early society had a very simplified way of looking at things, and I’m trying to make a storytelling game, not a simulation. I have to remember, “broad strokes.”

Let’s think about needs — food and water, sleep, waste, hygiene, social, comfort, entertainment, and environment. (Borrowed mostly from The Sims 2.) All of the terrain-based resources I came up with (fish, grain, clay, ore, and lumber) cover … eh, well, they cover food. Comfort, energy, and environment could be said to come from shelter, which require building materials I’ve covered.

*ponders* Maybe the Sims comparison doesn’t work as well as I expected.

What needs have I created through the game’s own design? We have destiny and resources. We have the Field and we have the Flux. Everything moves through a constant circle. Perhaps I should look at the smith’s job as a part of that circle? Do they manipulate resources? A smith makes one thing from another. They need a steady supply of resources to stay in business.

What on earth do they do?